How You Can Help

Regular Giving

A small donation each month direct from your bank will help to bring care and comfort to cancer sufferers.

Click on the button above to download a Regular Giving form in Word format. Just fill it in, sign it and post or Fax it to us. Thank You.

Lump Sum Donation

Click on the button below to download a Gift Aid form in Word format. Just fill it in, sign it and post or fax it to us. Thank You.

All donations are used directly to further patient care.

Other ways to help

There are many other ways you can help Bethesda and its work.

A Legacy
Why not remember Bethesda in your will?
Start a Support Group
Do you know others who would be interested in supporting a worthy cause? You'll be amazed how much money you can raise over the course of a year.
Voluntary Work
Work in our Charity Shop or drive the van, come and serve afternoon tea to patients, do some gardening or help with one-off fundraising events.
US Taxpayers
Obtain a US tax deduction by donating to us through CAF America. Will your company match your gift? Or start your own 501(c)(3) specially for Bethesda!


Please contact D.R. Macdonald, Bethesda's Fundraiser -- by phone, fax, email or post -- for more information about anything on this page. (Contact details are all available on the Contact Us page.)