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a room with a wooden polished table, tv and a suite.Special Palliative Care in a Relaxed Homely Atmosphere

Bethesda is a well-equipped clinical unit, but every effort has been made to avoid a clinical appearance. The rooms are fresh and bright, and overlook a beatifully landscaped garden.

We regard each patient as a whole person with many needs - physical, emotional, spiritual and social - and staff are given the training and time to take care of the whole family, not just the patient.

Often a series of short stays at Bethesda is the best way to benefit from the specialist physical and emotional support provided. This way we can "care for the carers" as well as demonstrate our skill in symptom control.


green garden lawns and colourful flower-beds


Often patients are amazed how much better they feel even after just a week or two with us. Thus we build up a good relationship with patients long before terminal care becomes a necessity.

A single bedroom with a tv and pictures on the wall, overlooking a garden. Patients are helped to remain as independent as possible. Where desired, relatives can assist in caring for their loved ones and are free to offer hospitality to friends as they would in their own homes.

In this relaxed atmosphere, people have time and privacy to come to terms with the turmoil they so often feel.